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Location Highlights

Location Highlights

The City of Redlands

Redlands, California is located 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles and 45 miles west of Palm Springs at the base of the San Bernardino mountains. Sparking the rich art and creative scenery seen thoughout the city are beautiful views and majestic classic buildings. The backbone of this thriving city are the local small businesses, who create a small, old town feel. There is truly no place like it!

Redlands, California had a population of 73,288 in 2021. This grants the city the ability to avoid crazy traffic and all the tourist trappings of a big city, which creates a close-knit local scene that is the perfect environment for small businesses. Nearby offerings include hiking and biking trails, shops, historic architecture, and fun entertainment. The city has a thriving restaurant scene (many located in our very own Redlands Plaza), great concerts, jaw dropping creative statements like Umbrella Alley, impressive murals and the arts, of course plenty of pretty clocks and a lot more!

Redlands Plaza

A stunningly charming shopping center located in the heart of the city, walking distance from Historic Downtown Redlands, the University of Redlands, and many more of the highest volume locations in town! Sitting near some of the most used roads in the city and having immediate access to and from interstate 10, our local businesses get the exposure they deserve while providing quality products and services. You will feel like your walking around in an old town on a luxury vacation at this well maintained and updated retail/office building!
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Median Household Income (in 2021 dollars) 2017-2021: $87,184
Total retail sales per capita, (Redlands, CA) 2017: $23,955
Total retail sales per capita, (United States) 2021: $19,653

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